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APA Citation Guide: Still Stuck?

This guide will provide an overview of APA Citation Style.

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This book is what all APA guides (including the one you're on) are based on. This is the ultimate guide. Find a copy at your campus library.

If you don't have internet access, or you simply want a guide on your tablet or computer, download one of these guides created by the librarians:

LibraryConnect APA Guide
4-Page Printable APA Guide
APA Writing Style & Citation Guide

APA in Less than 5 Minutes

How to Write and Cite a DB Post


Use these citation generators to create reference list citations only.  

Note: None of these tools are perfect.  If incorrect information is entered, the citations that come out will also be incorrect.  It is best to compare citations from generators with the examples on page 2. Reference List

Microsoft Word - provides a way to auto-generate references but it is NOT recommended due to formatting errors