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APA Citation Guide: 4. Final Product

This guide will provide an overview of APA Citation Style.

APA Paper Examples

Check out a few excellent APA papers from fellow students:

APA Checklist

1. All margins are 1"
2. All font is 12pt Times New Roman
3. All text is double-spaced
4. All text is aligned-left, not justified
5. There are two spaces after each sentence
6. There is one space after each punctuation mark in the reference list
7. The first sentence of each paragraph is indented 0.5"
8. All direct quotes (except block quotes) and article titles have quotation marks
9. All book or journal titles are italicized
10. The title page header says "Running head: " followed by the paper title in ALL CAPS
11. All other page headers have only the paper title in ALL CAPS
12. The title page includes the paper title, your name, and school name on the upper-half of the page
13. An abstract is included, if required by instructor
14. Personal pronouns (e.g. I, my) are used only if appropriate for assignment
15. Outside information referenced within the body of the paper is documented with an in-text citation
16. All in-text citations are located within the sentence, before the period (except for block quotes)
17. All quotations over 40 words follow the block quote format
18. A reference list page is included, with all citations listed in alphabetical order
19. All reference list citations have a hanging indent
20. There are no "extra" citations (i.e. every citation on the reference list appears in-text AND every citation that appears in-text appears on the reference list)

This checklist was adapted from the Excelsior College OWL's APA Checklist, 2015.

Final Product

Does your paper look like the example below?

Title Page

final title page

Body Page 1

body page 1

Body Page 2

body page 2

Body Page 3

body page 3

Body Page 4

Reference List

references page