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About Us: Policies

Loan Periods

Books 21 days
Audio Visual 14 days
Reserve Materials 2 hour in-library use only
Periodicals 21 days
Current Periodicals Non-circulating
Reference Non-circulating
Media at IPR 7 days, no ILL


Students may have 2 renewals of all circulating items unless the item is on hold by another student.

Items may be renewed in person.

Borrowing Privileges


  • Students may borrow library materials if they are registered for the current or upcoming term. New students must begin the term before borrowing materials.
  • Student picture IDs must be valid, current, and presented in person in order to borrow materials. No library materials will be lent to a patron using another student’s ID.
  • Each borrower is responsible for all library materials borrowed on his/her library account.
  • Students may borrow up to 15 items, which may include no more than five media items.
  • All checked out materials are due at the end of the quarter.
  • In the event a student is not yet in the library database and does not have an ID, the student may present a driver’s license or state ID and the librarian should verify their student status before processing the loan.


  • BEC faculty and staff must present their Faculty/Staff ID in order to borrow library materials.
  • Faculty and staff may borrow an unlimited number of items.

Overdue, Lost or Damaged Items

Overdue materials

An item is considered overdue when it has not been returned to the library or renewed by its due date.

The BEC Libraries do not charge fines for overdue materials; however the librarian will place a hold on the student’s record when materials become overdue. The hold will be removed upon return of the materials, or payment if the materials are lost or damaged. This hold prevents the students from receiving transcripts or diplomas.

Lost or Damaged Items

In the event a library item is lost or damaged, the borrower is responsible for reimbursing the library for the replacement cost of the book and a processing fee.

  • The borrower informs the library that the item is lost or damaged
  • The item has not been returned by the end of 30 days after the due date
  • The borrower withdraws from school

The replacement charge for a non-returned item is based on the following fee schedule:

  • Books & media (replaceable): retail cost plus $10 processing fee
  • Books & media (not replaceable): $50
  • Magazines and Journals (not replaceable): $20 per item
  • iPad Chargers: $75

Account Holds

A hold will remain on the student's record until the replacement cost is paid or the lost material is returned. The student cannot register or receive grades, transcripts or diplomas until the charges are paid. All library charges must be paid in the Students Accounts Office. After payment, the hold will be removed, and the student may resume normal library borrowing.

Appeal of Overdue material notice or lost materials charge

If a student wants to appeal the hold on his/her record, the appeal should be directed to the network library director and dean of faculty at the campus for assistance.